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if you like the book after reading half, buy it for the price of a cup of coffee

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Read-a-Latte: read half—try-buy (learn more here).

For The Price of a Coffee: Read the first half free. If you like it, and want to know how it ends, buy the whole e-book (or p-book) safely and securely at Amazon and keep reading without interruption. If you love the character(s) and want to see how it all turns out, click on the buy link below (or on the bottom of any page) for a quick, safe trip to Amazon's website, where you can buy this book.

Clocktower Books (by extension, its new imprint, All Night Books) has been an Amazon affiliate for over twenty years, so you're in good hands. Your purchase will help Clocktower Books and the author stay in business to provide you with further great entertainment. Thank you!

The Bookstore Metaphor

Best Deal in Town—Safe and Secure

What's New? Think about it. You walk into the bookstore (free). You sit and read all day (free). You walk out with a book and don't pay (really bad idea). Let's rewind that one, okay?

It's entirely logical and painless. You walk into the bookstore (free). You sit and read all day (free). So far so good… You will probably be bored or hungry or homesick or whatever. You'll want to know the ending of that fabulous book you're reading. So you stop at the cash register on your way out, and buy the book. Now it's yours forever. Same deal here.

Economics 101. At All Night Books (or my other, similar try-buy sites like Galley City), you read about half of a novel free, which tells you if you care about the ending or not. If you like what you're reading, and you want to know how it ends ("try buy") you buy the whole book. The e-book costs like a cup of coffee at the mall. The print book costs about like a sandwich and a drink. Doesn't hurt a bit. The sandwich and coffee are gone in a few minutes, but the book stays with you forever. We think it's a great deal for everyone—including your struggling author, who needs to buy himself a coffee and sandwich to stay alive so he can write the next exciting book to deliver to your virtual doorway.

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Thank you for reading. If you love it, tell your friends. Please post a favorable review at Amazon, Good Reads, and other online resources. If you want to thank the author, you may also buy a copy for the low price of a cup of coffee. It's called Read-a-Latte: similar (or lower) price as a latte at your favorite coffeeshop, but the book lasts forever while the beverage is quickly gone. Thank you (JTC).


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